What does a nurse do?
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What does a nurse do?

What does a nurse do?


Nurses use to provide care and support to patients in healthcare environment. Currently, it has been rated as one of the most popular healthcare occupation throughout the world and especially in Australia. There are so many responsibilities that a nurse handles during job; they help people to make efforts for improvement in their health, contribute for recovery and even assist in peaceful death. Nurses can help patients to switch to the healthy lifestyle even when they are facing severe health issues. These medical professionals also provide assistance for communities, families and individuals.

In routine work hours, a nurse rends to create a positive environment around. While working in medical organizations, they need to follow some specific set of protocols and coordinate with staff members and doctors. Nurses keep on administrating medications, assisting patients for procedures of health treatments, surgeries.

One more important aspect of nurse’s work routine is to education patients about best health habits. They are responsible to share deep knowledge about lifestyle changes as well as health issues affecting life of a patient. Indeed, this is a dynamic career option and it suits to someone who has courage to handle tough situations and can motivate others to improve with every next step.

Nursing Responsibilities

  • They need to record and observe behaviour of patients.
  • Nurses keep on coordinating with healthcare professionals, physicians so that a customized health care plan can be well executed.
  • Nurses use to develop a harmonious environment where they can extend psychological and emotional support to sufferers as well as their families.
  • They make efforts to diagnose diseases by simply analysis various symptoms and take desired actions time to time for complete recovery.
  • Nurses need to report medical histories of patients and keep on monitoring corresponding changes in health conditions.
  • They can help patients to carry out desired medications and treatments.
  • Nurses keep on supervising and directing CNAs and LPNs.
  • They also need to check medicine stocks on routine basis so that inventory can stay in control and orders can be placed on time.
  • When patients starts recovering from their health troubles then nurses help them to update to new medication routines.
  • In order to maintain proper work environment they keep on adhering standard regulations, rules, norms and protocols.
  • Nurses help to maintain safe and hygienic work environments so that health care procedures can be carried out with ease.
  • Make efforts to implement researches for improvement of healthcare outcomes and nursing practices.
  • These professionals assist in providing instant care for various medical emergencies such as strokes, heart attacks, burns and car accidents.
  • Nurses implement discussions on critical health conditions with physicians and pharmacists.
  • They help to provide health maintenance as well as necessary guidance for disease prevention.
  • Keep an eye on patient examinations.
  • Assist medical doctors during surgeries.
  • They also perform lab work and attend educational workshops.

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